About Us


        WINGUD was established in 2006, mainly to develop and sell RG/RF coaxial cable processing equipment, which is widely used in communication and automotive fields. In 2008, we started to cooperate with a number of in-vehicle communication (GPS, FAKRA, HSD) manufacturers. At that time, it mainly focused on semi-automatic coaxial cable processing equipment. With the improvement of people's quality of life, consumer communication equipment and in-vehicle GPS and HD Video is widely used, and these have become standard equipment in the needs of the general public, and the demand has been rising sharply. The output and quality produced by human resources are far from meeting the needs of the market, and they can only be completed by smart devices.
        Since 2014, WINGUD has been committed to the research and development and production of intelligent manufacturing equipment, learning from European and American technology and intelligent manufacturing, Industry 4.0, and changing the traditional capacity of relying on people and quality by people, thereby increasing production capacity and ensuring quality stability.