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Performance Characteristics of The Large Square Stripping Machines from Wingud

Today, we would will talk about the advantages of Wingud’s large square stripping machines by mainly introducing WG-8660 (120mm2) stripping machine, WG-8670 (240mm2) stripping machine, WG-9850(120mm2) high voltage wire rotary stripping machine and WG-9950 full-automatic cutting and stripping machine.
Both WG-8660 (120mm2) stripping machine and WG-8670 (240mm2) stripping machine are using microcomputer control, mainly used for the wire hardness processing of EV cable, Dc charging gun cable, charging pile cable, etc.

The stripping range of WG-8660 is 6~120mm2, conduit diameter is 6~25mm, front side stripping length up to 400mm and back side stripping length up to 250mm. The machine adopts V-shape blade, flat or radius forming blade, makes the stripping be smooth and flat with excellent stripping effect.
The stripping range of WG-8670 is 6~240mm2, conduit diameter is 6~50mm, front side stripping length up to 400mm and back side stripping length up to 250mm. Different with WG-8660, WG-8670 can add the ripping knife which can rip the surface with 1.2m length. This machine adopts the dual blade frame structure with clear division and no hurt to the wires.
WG-9850 adopts the rotary tool bit for rotary cutting to the wire. It can cut and strip wire cables of without changing the blade. The stripping range is 6~120mm2, conduit diameter is 6~25mm, front side stripping length up to 350mm and back side stripping length up to 250mm. Combination use of rotary blade, cutting blade and stripping blade, with accuracy of ±3mm for 5M length wire.
WG-9950 full-automatic cutting and stripping machine is specially researched and designed for the processing of large square wire hardness, mainly aim at the thick power line, multilayer or multicore shielded cables. It can achieve the wire cutting, striping for multilayer or long wire sheath at the same time. The machine adopts two sets of rotary tool bit that can install four rotary blades, using motor and ball screw control method to control the rotating blade. It can finish the both ends stripping for different cable specifications without replacing any blade, changed the traditional way of feeding roller peeling, solved the problem of inaccurate wire length caused by the slip while stripping, not only ensure the accuracy of peeling, but also minus the time for replacement of blades, improved productivity. The machining diameter is 18~50mm. The max cutting length is 20m. The Min stripping length is 5mm. The max stripping length is 1200mm. It is the first choice for wire hardness processing of dynamoelectric charging gun and charging pile.
Except for the cutting and stripping machine, Wingud has also the riveting terminal crimping machine, like the WG-643, WG-642B, WG-25T-A etc. of oil pressure series. The WG-645 with servo has attracted great attention once researched and developed.