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Why Wingud Stripper can get the trust from customers

Wingud from the establishment of 2006 and development to now, although there are customers choose other manufacturers, but the vast majority of old customers still choose us, trust Wingud wire stripper products. So, in the case of multiple choices in the market, why Wingud wire stripper still get customer trust?
Original intention:
The original intention for the establishment of Wingud was because before 2004, all the coaxial wire strippers used by domestic wire harness processing enterprises were imported products. No one in China could master the core of coaxial wire stripper and develop equipment suitable for the use of the scene at that time. After two years of independent research and development, President Yang from Wingud has finally developed the first domestically developed coaxial wire stripper. The new product comes out, and the problem also appears -- the cutter head part of wire stripper can not meet the needs of a variety of wire harness processing. After half a year of improvement, Wingud developed its own rotary tool head technology again.
The original intention of the establishment of Wingud is to fill the blank of domestic equipment, keep improving, and provide more preferential and better products for wire harness processing. In the CCTV program Chinese Businessmen in 2016, Yang once again expressed his determination in the face of the host's questions: In the current situation where low-priced products are full with uneven quality, Wingud will continue to take quality as the core and will not reduce product quality because of obtaining more customers with lower prices.


After the success of Wingud's products, various peers also developed similar products of different models based on our technology. When their semi-automatic equipment came out, the fully automatic model of Wingud was already on the market.
Take the current wire harness with a shielding layer for example, the processing of this kind of wire harness has always been a difficult problem, no equipment can efficiently and accurately deal with the shielding layer. In the 2019 Munich Shanghai Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition, The WG-9009 manual shearing machine and WG-9010 semi-automatic shearing machine carried by Wingud were very popular with customers in their first exhibition. During the exhibition, more than 10 machines were placed, indicating that Wingud products are advanced in the industry.
WG-9001 automatic coaxial peeling, crimping and wetting machine and WG-9002 automatic coaxial double-head terminal crimping machine were also exhibited at the 2019 Shanghai Munich Exhibition. Wingud always takes the lead in the processing of coaxial wire harness. After the exhibition, customers stopped placing orders for too long scheduling. This type of machine is mainly used for the processing of FPC antenna. Now the chip mounter after processing for this kind of wire has been assembled. These machines once again show the advanced nature of Wingud in the same industry.

In year 2017, the Wingud factory was still in Changan Town, Dongguan City, and the total number of employees was only about 60. In order to expand the production, Wingud had to move to a larger plant. Now it is located in Liaobu Town, Dongguan City, and the total number of employees has more than doubled. The expansion of recruitment, on the one hand the introduction of scientific research and technical personnel for the convenience of customer customization, on the other hand, sales and service personnel, including pre-sales service and after-sales service.
I like shopping on JDcom. For most of the articles, I prefer to choose the JD self-supporting products, even the price will be a little higher than the flagship store and the branches in different regions. But considered to the genuine article and express service, we will still ignore this price difference.
Why saying this, because relative to peer products, Wingud stripping machine in terms of price, after all, is not dominant. Compared with the cottage industry, where there are only a dozen people, Wingud has to pay a lot of other fees to keep the company running. Compared with other companies, Wingud is not just talking about 7*24 service.

When it comes to the price issue, I'm is a bit unbearable. Because many customers will take the products of other manufacturers to compare with us, saying how low the price of others' products, whether we can sell, why our price is so high. In fact, the truth is very simple, take the comparison of mobile phones, the same is a mobile phone, can call, can send messages, can use Wechat, QQ, why IPHONE is so much higher than the price, more than one times, of domestic mobile phones. It comes down to the quality. Wingud stripper is the same, although it is also a domestic model, but its quality and technology has been able to compete with some international well-known brands. In a bidding site, the wire stripper from a well-known brand failed to meet the set requirements, but the stripper from Wingud did. It can not say that our performance is better than this brand’s stripping machine, can only say more suitable for the test machine. Even the bidding people do not believe, and test Wingud’s stripper many times, and finally proved that only our machine can do it.
Another time, one customer chose the equipment of other manufacturer because of the price, but after using it for half a month, he had to contact us again, because the wire stripper of another manufacturer was very unstable in use. Finally, the customer had to return the wire stripper and buy again from Wingud.
It has talked too much.  For Wingud wire stripper, we have always been grateful to the customers who always accompany us to grow up. After the technical level is improved, the price of some products is reduced. In the network sales channel, we have special offers from time to time to feedback customers on the trust. Wingud always maintains quality first, and will join hands with new and old customers for a win-win future with the advanced technology level.