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Big square wire stripper - electric vehicle wire harness processing tool

           Coaxial stripper series:  WG-8230/8240 series coaxial line stripping machine, using the most advanced four rotary tool rest and centring piece, processing line diameter from φ5mm-φ40mm, the maximum stripping length up to 200mm.  
In addition, WG-8570 large square coaxial stripping machine, touch screen operation, automatic/manual free switching, more accurate and scratch free to complete wire stripping task.  Processing line diameter φ10mm - φ50mm.  
Computer stripping machine series  
WG-8660 series 120 square wire stripper and WG-8670 series 240 square wire stripper, using microcomputer control, for electric vehicle charging gun, charging station, charging cabinet, battery box used in the cutting and peeling of high and low voltage power lines.  
WG-8650 series sheath wire cutting and peeling machine is developed for cutting and peeling of large square electronic wire, multi-core sheath wire, power cord, shielded wire and special single core wire.  All procedures are completed at one time to save manpower and improve production accuracy and efficiency.