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How many square cables does the charging pile use? How to process quickly


           Charging piles are now a very common power supply device, but there are still a lot of people do not know how much square cable charging piles require. On this issue, Wingud told everyone that the thickness of the cable of charging pile cannot be unified, but mainly depends on the power storage capacity of charging pile and the voltage that the cable bears when it circulates power. Generally speaking, the charging pile cable is much thicker than other cables, so it is very difficult for traditional processing equipment to process the charging pile cable. How to process the charging pile cable? Let's get to know it together.
The processing of charging pile cable should not only ensure complete processing function, but also ensure that the accuracy of processing can also maintain high precision standard, so there are less mechanical equipment for charge pile cable in the traditional processing equipment of cable processing industry. Wingud is a well-known manufacturer of wiring harness processing equipment in China. For all kinds of charging pile cables, Wingud has specially developed and manufactured electric vehicle cable processing equipment for such cable with thick skin and strong peeling strength.
The newly developed electric vehicle cable processing equipment of Wingud can set the speed of the feeding wire, the feeding knife, the retreating knife respectively and re-peeling when processing the charging pile cable, which can not only completely peel the core without hurting, but also ensure the accuracy of the wire up to 0.01mm, which perfectly solves the difficult problem of processing the charging pile cable. At the same time, special automatic wire feeder can also be configured to make the production efficiency of the machine is faster in the process of automation, so as to achieve the fast processing requirements of cable processing manufacturers.
It is very important to choose a good brand and a good processing equipment if you want to better process charging pile cable. Wingud has been engaged in the production and manufacturing of wire processing equipment for more than 10 years, both the quality of the machine and the quality of the service have been unanimously recognized by many well-known domestic brands, so you can rest assured to choose.