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How to process the electric automobile wire harness

           Electric vehicle is an iconic industry new economic in the industrial field, under the national policy support, the electric car market has been very rapid growth, more and more enterprises are gradually into this industry, brought unprecedented spring to new electric vehicles, and make the electric vehicle wiring harness processing industry has very good development prospects. But the processing of the electric vehicle wiring harness is a particularly vexing problem to the producers, there are a lot of electric vehicle manufacturing enterprises processing the wiring harness themselves, but often because of the focus on technical reasons resulting the increase in cost and production cycle can not meet, so many enterprises for electric vehicle wiring harness processing lost confidence. So how do electric vehicle wiring harness processing? Let’s find out below.
          Electric vehicle wiring harness is a kind of wiring harness with big processing difficulty in processing industry, and there are a lot of production technology level of automotive wiring harness processing factory can't keep up with the demand of the electric vehicle wiring harness processing. At the same time, the electric car is also a kind of relatively new industry and so stripping machine for this kind of wire is more less on the market. Aiming at the current market vacancy of electric vehicle wiring harness equipment, Wingug independently researched and developped the dedicated production wire stripping equipment that suitable for all kinds of electric vehicle wire harness industry.
          This new research and development of electric wire stripping machine, as a kind of automatic mechanical equipment, in the process of processing only require a simple beam parameters settings, can carry on the processing, can save more human. At the same time, the processing of preciseness of the wire yield is very much higher than other processing equipment, reduce more production cost, can well meet the electric vehicle wiring harness processing requirements of the manufacturer.
       The above is the answer for questions about the electric vehicle wiring harness processing, I hope it can help.
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