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Wingud Wire Stripper Solves the Problem of Charging Pile Cable Processing

            New energy vehicles are a new way of development that all countries in the world are very concerned about. Among new energy vehicles, electric vehicles can be said to be one of the most concerned ones. At present, there is a very large gap in the market of charging piles for new electric vehicles. There is a good market prospect, but the development is so slow. The main reason is that the processing of charging pile wires is difficult. Then how to solve the charging pile wiring harness machining problem? Wingud has developed special charging pile processing equipment for charging pile cable processing according to market demand.
The processing of Charging pile wiring harness is very difficult, because the wiring harness is generally long and coarse, and the domestic wiring harness processing equipments are mostly for thin wires, so there are a lot of wiring harness processing equipment can not process such cable fine, and the inside of the charging pile electric flow will be very big, so it will be a great ordeal to the precision quality problem to the wiring harness.
           The requirements of wire harness are high, and even higher to the wire harness processing, not only to achieve the diversification of wire but also to ensure the precision of wire. And the charging pile special wire stripping machine from brand Wingud is very good to overcome the charging pile wire processing difficult problem. Wingud wire stripper not only ensures the safety of wire in these products, but also in the pursuit of advanced technology to solve the problem of different lengths and thickness of wire, which can perfectly solve all kinds of wire needed in the production process of charging pile.
In the future, there will be more and more manufacturers producing charging piles, and at the same time, it will also bring new development to the stripping machine of charging pile wiring harness processing equipment. Wire rod, as an important element in the production of charging piles, must be attached great importance to.