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Blade Category of Stripping Machine

                    The principle of the wire stripper is to cut and peel all kinds of wire and cable. In the process, the blade of the wire stripper is indispensable. This paper will be based on the use of the market, the stripping machine blade for a simple classification.
Classification by structure
Different use of wire stripper equipment, the blade structure is also different. Common can be divided into: V shape, flat mouth and tilt type three categories. Because the appearance structure is clear at a glance, do not repeat here.

   Classification by material
With the rapid development of wire stripper and terminal machine in the market, the material of its blade is also uneven. According to the material, it can be divided into three categories: (1) High speed steel material: This kind of material has the characteristics of high hardness, wear resistance and high temperature resistance, is one of the better choice of blade material; (2) Tungsten steel material: That is hard alloy, in addition to the characteristics of high-speed steel, tungsten steel material has good toughness, corrosion resistance; (3) General material: Some manufacturers in order to seek profits, will use the material with poor toughness and hardness. This kind of material in the operation of equipment, may appear different kinds of problems, serious will greatly affect the production efficiency and accuracy.
After heat treatment, the hardness of high speed steel and tungsten steel can reach 62-85HRC, the high temperature and wear resistance will also meet the working conditions of wire stripper, to ensure the processing accuracy and improve the service life of the blade.
Classification according to the wire and the supporting equipment
The classification of blades here is relatively general, partly covering the two classifications introduced previously. Specifically, it can be divided into the following categories:
Blades suitable for flat cable stripping machine, sheath line stripping machine, coaxial cable stripping machine, automatic stripping machine, pneumatic stripping machine, computer stripping machine blade, cutting machine etc.
As an important part in operation of wire stripper, the blade should be replaced in strict accordance with the operating instructions and the original blade should be replaced. The blade of Wingud’s wire stripper is made of tungsten steel, which is treated with non-sticking glue, anti-corrosion and local hardening to ensure the service life of the blade. The three-side grinding technology of German knife edge is adopted to improve the wear resistance of the blade by more than 30%.